Prayers for February 2, 2020

  • We remember Pastor Jack Seville who passed away.  Pastor Seville was instrumental in providing guidance to our church in difficult times.
  • We offer prayers to all who are struggling with marriage relationship issues.
  • We think of Ken and Marlene who recently lost their little dog, truly a family member.
  • We pray for all those who are dealing with the flu and other contagious diseases.

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Prayers fo the people

  • Remembering the Wick family in the passing of a loved one.
  • Remembering the Zaun family on the passing of a loved one.
  • Remembering the plight of the homeless people and animals with the colder weather.
  • Praying for those across the globe struggling with natural disasters.

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January 5, 2020 Prayers

  • Pray for peace in the world.
  • We note the passing of two valued conference members, Jack Seville and Pete Young.  They will be remembered and missed.
  • We are thankful to be surrounded by friends and family at Christmas.
  • We pray for guidance in decisions to come.

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Prayers for the people

  • Carol’s friend Jean who is struggling with cancer
  • Edith Brady who is ill
  • Donna Roach who passed on April 25th
  • 27 years together and 2 years in marriage for Roxanne and Harv
  • Irma as she travels to the Cities for Christmas
  • Paul Fisher struggling with cancer
  • Our members: Kathy M., Irma N., Lois B., Garland M., and Doris J.

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What Does Heaven Look Like?

What Does Heaven Look Like?

First, go to Matthew 20:1-16 and read the Parable of the Laborers in the

Now that you have read this teaching story told by Jesus, consider this:

In his public ministry, Jesus described heaven as a here-and-now

He called it the Empire of God to contrast it from the Empire of Rome.

This picture of the Beloved Community has become encrusted with
Christology so that the meanings of his parables, aphorisms, and teaching
sermons is hard to discern…hard but not impossible with thoughtful study,
an open mind, and a loving heart.

The economy of this Empire of God is neither capitalism or socialism.

It is an economy in which everyone gets what they need rather than what
they earn or deserve.

It is a community in which there are no needy and there are no privilege.

It is a community in which everyone has the inalienable rights of life,
liberty, the pursuit of happiness, along with adequate income, healthy
food, quality healthcare, pure water, clean air, safe housing, dignity,
honor, and respect.

These are not rights that have to be earned but that are given because
they are needed, just as all of the laborers in the vineyard got their
daily bread no matter how many hours they worked.

We are admonished to conceptualize this beloved community

and bring it into being here in this place and now at this time.

-David Hartson, Pastor

Valley City Congregational United Church of Christ

An ONA people

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Prayers of the People – 11/25/18

  • We received a letter from Jo-jo
  • Meeko the dog is ready to come to work
  • Donelda’s friend passed away
  • Our community who came together to help the hospital
  • The family of the shooting victim
  • A friend of Dean cut his finger on a tablesaw
  • Mary’s sister Jean who is battling cancer

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Prayers of the People – 10/28/2018

  • Prayers to Dean’s brother-in-law and his family as they mourn his passing.
  • Prayers for our organ restoration specialist as he mourns the passing of a good friend and Dad, whom he lost within seven days of each other.
  • Prayers for Al’s classmate who passed last week.
  • Prayers to all those affected by this week’s synagogue shooting.
  • Prayer of thanks for the wisdom and character that aging brings to us.

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Prayers of the People – 10/21/2018

  • Roxanne has a prayer of thanks for her b-day celebration with her sister.
  • David and Candy send a prayer of gratitude for their rescue cat, Prairie, who has spent her years with their family and whose earthly journey will likely end in a few days.
  • Donelda asks for  prayers for her friend Doris who has had a house fire.
  • A prayer of thanks to our first responders and emergency vets who are available and willing at any time on any day.
  • Our congregation is thankful for the congregation – a place where we feel free to share our feelings, no matter if they are angry, happy, sad.

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