Bulletin Information for February 1, 2015

Scriptures: Psalm 111:2-4
Gospel: Mark 1:21-28

Call To Worship

Your pain is the breaking of the shell
That encloses your understaning

Even as the stone of the fruit must break
That its heart may stand in the sun
So you must know pain

And could you keep your heart in wonder
At the daily miracles of your life
You pain would not seem less wonderous than your joy

And you would accept the seasons of your heart
Even as you have always accepted the seasons
That pass over your fields
And you would watch its serenity
Through the winters of your grief
-Kahil Gibran

Prayer of the Beloved Community

As people have many skins in themselves
Covering the depths of their hearts.
People know so many things:
They do not know themselves
Why thirty or forty skins
Just like an ox’s or a bear’s
So thick and hard
Cover the soul.
Go into your own ground
And learn to know yourself there.
-Meister Echart


Prayer of Dedication

A thing of beuty is a joy forever
Its lovliness increases
It will never pass into nothingness
But will keep a bower quiet for us
And a sleep full of sweet dreams
And health, and quiet breathing
-John Keats

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