May Events

  • We will honor our Sunday School students and teachers as well as our 2018 HS graduate on Mother’s Day; please join us!!
  • May council meeting as well as the 2018 annual meeting takes place on May, 20.  Mark your calendars for these events!!

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Christmas Eve Service, 2017

Looking forward to our Candlelight Christmas Eve service on Dec. 24 at 5:00 pm. Victoria Hammel from VCSU will again perform a solo; we thank her for sharing her talent with us at this special service.

(UPDATE: there will be no Sunday morning service on Christmas Eve as has been stated in the bulletin – just the evening candlelight service.)

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Open and Affirming

Valley City CUCC had a special meeting this past Sunday, March 12, in which the congregation voted on whether or not to approve a newly formed “Open and Affirming” covenant. The covenant was unanimously passed. As a result, we will become an “Open and Affirming” church and will be listed as such on the national UCC website. Further, we have also made a commitment to welcome all people into our church; a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, race, financial status, or physical/emotional ability does not determine entry into the Congregational United Church of Christ of Valley City.

While we have made this stand, we realize that we are not a perfect congregation. We hope to use this covenant as a means of understanding and celebrating other people’s thoughts, traditions, and viewpoints.

Stay tuned to our church’s website and FB page for further information on how we will celebrate our new standing as an “Open and Affirming” church.

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Open and Affirming Meeting

On March 12 our congregation will be voting as to whether or not we want to officially become an Open and Affirming Church.

Click here to view the letter sent out to our members.

Click here to view the document our O&A committee wrote, outlining our thoughts and ideas about O&A.

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Tomato Soup Supper

Come one, come all!! The Valley City Congregational United Church of Christ is sponsoring a tomato soup on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 from 5:30 – 7:00. Attendees will dine on locally grown foods including corn on the cob, soups, sandwiches, desserts and refreshments. Dinner-goers will also enjoy good conversation and greater awareness of green community projects in the Valley City area. Please RSVP to 845-1977 or 845-2258 and leave a message with the number attending the event.  Click for more information: tomato soup supper.

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Congratulations to David and Kandy Hartson

Our pastor, David Hartson, and his wife Kandy celebrated their 50th anniversary with the congregation on Sunday, Sept. 4th. Congratulations to the couple; we are fortunate to have you in our church family!  Thank you to Candy Rasmussen  for preparing the food and to Carol Umsted for not only preparing the food but for coordinating the event as well.  A huge thanks to Donelda Remmick for making the delicious cake that was served at the event.



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Tomato Project!!!

Thank you to Candace Rasmussen, Betty Pedersen and Dean Pedersen for coordinating our “tomato project”. The three secured a grant to buy tomato plants which were then given to anyone who wanted to take one – or more!!- this past Sunday, June 5. The harvested tomatoes will be used to make either salsa or tomato soup for a community gathering this fall.  We thank Candace and the Pedersens  for spearheading this wonderful project!!

Thanks also go to church youth Kai and Hale Kringlie and the Reiten Family for helping with the tomato plant distribution.


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Crop Walk

The annual Crop Walk for hunger is coming soon: Wed, May 25th at 7:00 pm, Faith Lutheran Church Parking Lot…please mark your calendars and help with this important fundraiser. We wish our Carol Umsted luck as she joins in this effort.

For more info on how to register for this event, visit:



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Community Closet

Valley City has a “Community Closet”, a place where those in need can find clothing, baby, and household items.



Please take a look at the attached flyer for more information. Volunteer information listed as well. Thank you!

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Our Sunday School youth (and any other interested persons) plan to plant a garden this summer then use the produce for a community event, such as a tomato soup supper. We would like your compost-making donations to help grow out-of-this-world produce. Welcome donations include:

-Banana peels
-Coffee grounds
-Vegetable peelings
-Tea leaves
-Egg shells

*Please no protein, eggs (shells are OK), or dairy items!!

Thank you for your help!!

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Lois Scouten turns 95!


It’s a party!! Lois Scouten of Valley City is turning 95. Help celebrate her birthday on Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 2:30 – 4:30 at the Barnes County Senior Center: 139 2nd Ave SE in Valley City. Items to the food pantry are requested in lieu of gifts. For more information, please contact Donelda Remmick, 490-1766.

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