Hi-Liners United

This is what is true in Hi-Liners United:

  • We accept you.
    • We accept your similarities and your differences.
    • We accept your sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.
    • We accept your race, ethnic background, and nationality.
    • We accept your physical, cognitive, and emotional limitations.
    • We accept your faith, religion, and spiritual beliefs.
  • We value building a community where everyone belongs.
    • We celebrate diversity.
    • We believe in educating others on what makes us unique.
  • We enjoy our time together as we promote The Hi-Liner Way.
    • We strive to treat others with respect and understanding.
    • We provide a safe place for all students.
    • We believe it is our responsibility to promote positive change.

Welcome to Hi-Liners United.

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Prayers of the People: July 22, 2018

Please keep the following in your prayers:

  • David and Kandy: Thinking of their friend Tim, and his grandchildren, who visited on Saturday.  Please keep Tim’s family in mind as they have experienced various recent losses.
  • Dr. Kim Foell Family: Prayers for this family as they mourn the passing of Kim.
  • Mary: Prayers for the Morris Grotberg family, Mary’s youngest brother, as they mourn the passing of Morris.
  • Georgia Swenson: Prayers for her family as she mourns the passing of two sons and a prayer of thanks for the letters Georgia sends to our congregation.
  • Harve: Prayer of thanks as he is planning on leaving the hospital after heart surgery this week and preparing for his prosthetic leg.
  • Roxanne: Olivia, Roxanne’s daughter, said “yes” to the dress!!  Thinking of Olivia and her husband-to-be as they plan their wedding.
  • Thank you to Betty for the donations she has collected for “Service Dogs for America”.  So very much appreciated.

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Open and Affirming Status Confirmed by National Office

The National Office Comments On Our Covenant

We are pleased to announce that the Congregational United Church of Christ, Valley City, has been officially named as an Open and Affirming (ONA) church at the national level as is stated in the following email message.  The designation follows more than a year’s worth of effort by our ONA committee which includes Carol Umsted, Roxanne Rogers, Candace Rasmussen, Sarah Lerud, and co-chairs Susan Kringlie and Connie Reiten.  We will make an announcement to the Valley City community in the near future. Please read our ONA covenant, which concludes this message, to fully understand what it means to be recognized as an Open and Affirming Place of Worship

Email Response From National Level Regarding Open and Affirming Status

From: ona@ucccoaliton
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2017 11:22 AM
Subject: Re: Request for ONA Designation form

 I am sorry to have not responded before now, I was on a brief vacation.

 Your covenant has been received and it is wonderfully crafted.

 Thank you all for sending it our way, I will be working on your welcome packet and e-mail in the upcoming days.

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter,

The Rev. Rodney Mundy-Haase
ONA Program Coordinator


CUCC of Valley City’s ONA Covenant

The Valley City Congregational United Church of Christ welcomes you into our family.  What do we mean when we say we are a family?

  • Does it mean we only want you if you conform to our expectations? This is true in some families but not our family.
  • Does it mean we will not accept you because of your sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions? This is true in some families but not our family.
  • Does it mean we only accept certain races, ethnic backgrounds, or nationalities? This is true in some families but not our family.
  • Does it mean we only accept those of a certain financial status? This is true in some families but not our family.
  • Does it mean we only accept able-bodied persons, free of physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities? This is true in some families but not our family.


This is what is true in our family:

  • Our family accepts you for who you are, as you are, in this and any moment.
  • Like other families, our family has values. We value the wisdom of other traditions, communal worship, and social justice action inclusive of the earth and all living things. 
  • As a beloved community of the people of God, we enjoy each other’s company as we work, play, and study together to continue as followers of our Lord Jesus.
  • We understand that families do not always agree despite their love and concern for one another. Hence, our family strives to settle differences of opinion with respect and understanding.


Welcome to our family.

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An Easter Message

Mary Heath’s Easter Letter

Our talented organist, Mary Heath, has kindly written an Easter letter to members who are unable to make it to church. Thank you, Mary!!

Happy Easter from our church to you and yours.




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Open and Affirming

Valley City CUCC had a special meeting this past Sunday, March 12, in which the congregation voted on whether or not to approve a newly formed “Open and Affirming” covenant. The covenant was unanimously passed. As a result, we will become an “Open and Affirming” church and will be listed as such on the national UCC website. Further, we have also made a commitment to welcome all people into our church; a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, race, financial status, or physical/emotional ability does not determine entry into the Congregational United Church of Christ of Valley City.

While we have made this stand, we realize that we are not a perfect congregation. We hope to use this covenant as a means of understanding and celebrating other people’s thoughts, traditions, and viewpoints.

Stay tuned to our church’s website and FB page for further information on how we will celebrate our new standing as an “Open and Affirming” church.

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Open and Affirming Meeting

On March 12 our congregation will be voting as to whether or not we want to officially become an Open and Affirming Church.

Click here to view the letter sent out to our members.

Click here to view the document our O&A committee wrote, outlining our thoughts and ideas about O&A.

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Jack Lerud Donates Birthday Gift Money to Local Non-Profit

Church member Connie Reiten would like to thank Jack Lerud for the donation he made to Connie’s employer, Service Dogs for America (SDA) – a service dog-training facility in Jud, ND – at today’s service. Jack raised $291 by asking that his friends refrain from buying him b-day gifts for his 8th b-day party; instead, he requested donations to SDA.

SDA staff feels honored that Jack chose to donate to their organization rather than open presents on his special day. We thank you for your kindness!!

Enjoy the attached pictures which show Jack presenting the donation to Connie and Connie presenting Jack with a “Generosity Certificate”.

Thanks again, Jack. Your kind gesture will help deserving people regain their independence with a service dog.

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