New Time Capsule

Our congregation has created a time capsule to be opened in 100 years…just like the capsule that we opened in Oct. 2015 that was put together in 1915.  The capsule has been sealed into the church’s cornerstone.  THANK YOU to Betty and Dean Pedersen for all the work they put into this project.  It was fun!!!
Take a peek at the contents of the November 2015 time capsule:
– 2015 North Dakota license plate
– Valley City Times Record/Ad from Leever’s Super Valu
– News articles and photos from the time capsule opening…October, 2015
– Time Magazine
– Valley City/Barnes County elected officials list
– Barnes County area profile
– Pamphlets/postcards from area points of interest
– Business cards
– Congregational UCC Women’s Fellowship cookbook and Chuck Wagon Dinner reports and poster
– Sunday bulletins
– 2016 calendar
– Cellphones:  flip phone and IPhone
– Burt’s Bees lip balm
– Toys:  Match Box airplane, Star Wars lego kit, Bear riding a skateboard
– Pocket prayer quilt
– Poem magnet
– Crochet cross
– Letter from a 17 year old girl
– Our wish for the future  “a cure for all cancers” from the congregation
– John Deere pen and key chain celebrating their 175th

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