Prayers of the People – 10/21/2018

  • Roxanne has a prayer of thanks for her b-day celebration with her sister.
  • David and Candy send a prayer of gratitude for their rescue cat, Prairie, who has spent her years with their family and whose earthly journey will likely end in a few days.
  • Donelda asks for  prayers for her friend Doris who has had a house fire.
  • A prayer of thanks to our first responders and emergency vets who are available and willing at any time on any day.
  • Our congregation is thankful for the congregation – a place where we feel free to share our feelings, no matter if they are angry, happy, sad.

Prayers of the People – 9/23/18

  • That we remember where our food comes from and that we continue to eat together as a family
  • We received a letter from Jordice Swensen who is now 107
  • Mary and the rest of her family as her sister Jean is struggling with Cancer
  • Roxanne doesn’t have vegetation in her walls
  • Bruce’s niece Brianne got married
  • Our students

Prayers of the People – 9/9/18

  • David’s son-in-law Ben broke his jaw in a bike accident
  • Everyone who is dealing with injuries or are suffering in skme way
  • All the “thems” and “usses” in the world
  • We received a letter from Jordice
  • Caitlin received her driver’s license

Prayers of the People, Sept. 2

  • Kandy: A prayer for the McCain family and those who mourn his death.  Prayers of thanks for all he did for our country.
  • Barb: A prayer for Barb as she regains her driver’s license.
  • David: A prayer for the nation as we pray that the forces that unite us are stronger than the ones that tear us apart.
  • David: Prayers of congratulations to Dean/Betty and David/Kandy as each couple celebrates their anniversary.

Prayers of the People – 8/26/18

  • Candace has gratitude for the prayers, cards, and gifts she received
  • Bethany who is starting college
  • That we can make a difference in this world
  • The farmers who understand that 6 inches of soil, sun, and some rain is what is keeping us going
  • John McCain
  • The devil

Prayers of the People, August 11, 2018

  • Prayers for Dorothy’s family as her sister passed away
  • Continued prayers for Candace as she deals with a broken pelvis
  • Kandy’s tooth was chipped on Sunday; prayers that she receives a “new” tooth soon!!
  • Continued prayers for Harve during his recovery from heart surgery
  • Continued prayers for Barb’s son who is living with a heart condition
  • Prayers for Donelda as she deals with kidney stones

Prayers of the People: July 22, 2018

Please keep the following in your prayers:

  • David and Kandy: Thinking of their friend Tim, and his grandchildren, who visited on Saturday.  Please keep Tim’s family in mind as they have experienced various recent losses.
  • Dr. Kim Foell Family: Prayers for this family as they mourn the passing of Kim.
  • Mary: Prayers for the Morris Grotberg family, Mary’s youngest brother, as they mourn the passing of Morris.
  • Georgia Swenson: Prayers for her family as she mourns the passing of two sons and a prayer of thanks for the letters Georgia sends to our congregation.
  • Harve: Prayer of thanks as he is planning on leaving the hospital after heart surgery this week and preparing for his prosthetic leg.
  • Roxanne: Olivia, Roxanne’s daughter, said “yes” to the dress!!  Thinking of Olivia and her husband-to-be as they plan their wedding.
  • Thank you to Betty for the donations she has collected for “Service Dogs for America”.  So very much appreciated.

Prayers of the People – 6/24/18

  • People traveling
  • David’s daughter who is returning from S. Africa
  • Roxanne’s brother Riley who is dealing with back problems
  • Harv who is still doing well
  • Candace is doing better
  • Kai had his 13th birthday
  • Susan and Eric had their anniversary
  • We received a letter from Jordice

Prayers of the People – 6/10/18

  • Harv is doing well after his heart surgery and is recovering in the VA in Fargo
  • Candace fell at the church conference and will be seeing a doctor tomorrow
  • We received a “thank you” from the High School Food Pantry for the noisy offering donation